Jacqui R:

“I certainly think you should seriously think about  publishing these. As I read I want to read more, so get off Facebook go write and sort out a publisher!! X”

Hannah D-Stuart:

“So well written~ funny, honest and reads so well.”

Helen H:

“You have a talent at writing MrsS, very funny and so true.”

Kayleigh J

“I’m determined to breastfeed… but am slightly nervous for some reason…This made me feel a bit better :)”

Kate E:

“Such a way with words. Love your blog even though I have no children (well just 100 tots at school lol)”

Sophie F:

“Just read your blog on Bailey… I nearly wet myself!”

Stevie H:

“Your brain is ridiculous and hilarious in equal joyous amount.  I love you.”

Elly J:

“Yes-this made me cry!”

Tom S:

“Very well written and oddly enough I was having exactly the same conversation with somebody the other day…”

Sammy G:

“I just can’t wait for the next installment! “

Kay L:

“What a brill read. So eloquent and thoughtful.” 

Pauline P

“Your blog is great. I hope that loads of people read it and be inspired by it when it comes to breastfeeding.”

Gemma R

“This blog is fab & I’m not even a parent. Keep at it lovely!”

Emma C

“Love this! I can hear your voice as I read it”


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