A mum to two (a 28weeker son and a term daughter) and a wife to my One. Residing in Yorkshire, UK.  I trained as a Primary School teacher, but I now teach part-time at a Further Education College for young adults (16+) with a broad range of complex learning difficulties and disabilities. These are a collection of thoughts and ramblings on the view from where I stand.

I can’t guarantee the direction this blog will take,  I am pretty certain it will mostly be detailing mum based adventures, because frankly;  I have absolutely nothing else to talk about.

I don’t claim to be the perfect parent, I don’t consider myself a certain type of mum either. My family just does what we love,  and we love what we do. I write as I talk and it’s not uncommon for me to add a few words which cannot be located in the dictionary. Whether you have children or you don’t,  I hope you can enjoy, laugh and relate to my posts.

A few people have asked me recently why I started writing a blog… and the answer is because despite my best intentions I can’t keep a diary. It just ends up being a list of food I’ve eaten and the names and actions of the people who have annoyed me that day. My first goal is to blog until the end of the year… then get what I’ve written printed for my children and I to read when we’re older.

Welcome to the strange workings of my mind; a magnificently overcrowded and brutally honest place to be.



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