Good evening you… gorgeous thing!!

Just thought I should probably do a quick post- so you didn’t worry something awful had happened to me…  the reason I haven’t posted recently is because (as expected) my return to work has barely left me with a moment to pee … let alone write.

I miss the old blog… and some of you gorgies have even messaged me to tell me you missed it too which is lovely.

Little Diva isn’t a huge fan of my return to work and bedtimes have become disrupted… on work nights only…. (this kid isn’t daft) so tonight I find myself feeding her to sleep for the second time… snuggled in my bed… with a spot o’ telly. I don’t mind a bit though.

Every now and again things happen around you that catch your breath, stop time momentarily and make you take stock of your life and what is really important.

Tonight… I hold my babies a little tighter and breathe in their baby smell- thankful that they are with me.

My thoughts are with a colleague and his extremely brave wife as today they face losing their baby girl shortly after her birth. Incredibly, in this time of pain and sadness they have agreed to donate their baby’s heart valves in the hope of saving another tiny life.

As I watch my little Diva fight her sleep… instead of sighing with impatience… I think of the family of Stephen Sutton, the inspirational young man who raised over £3Million for the Teenage Cancer Trust before sadly losing his battle with cancer in the early hours of this morning…  My insides ache for his parents who watched their baby fall asleep for the last time.

UK comedian Jason Manford shared his tribute to Stephen on Facebook earlier on today:


‘Life isn’t measured in time, it’s measured in achievements’ are wise, thought provoking and comforting words.

Even the shortest of lives can make the biggest of differences.

As I try and unprise my sweet daughter’s clenched fist from my hair without waking her… I hope I’ll make a difference in my life and I hope she’ll make a difference in hers. Mostly… I hope I never get to watch her fall asleep for the last time… I pray I’ll be watching over her and saving her a seat in heaven.

Hold those babies tight…. and if you’ve no baby- or they’re too grown up… squeeze the dog.

Be thankful for all that today brought to you…

I  am.

Big love, as ever.


Ps. .. Half term week after next… so I’ll be back… got a Mum No1 from the US of A coming up soon too…


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