Mum No1 Episode III

It’s that time of the week again… Mondays mean only one thing right?!! Time to meet another marvellous mum. This week… Raising Them is introducing you to Lois and her beautiful daughter Livia… (and Scruff the dog… he’s the one in the middle..)


Lois was in my class at primary school in Saltash- Cornwall…but we went to different secondary schools and as is often- and understandably the way… we lost contact. Thanks to the power of social media… we got to catch up and It’s so lovely to share the same ‘space’ for the first time in probably 17 years?! Christ that makes me feel old!!

Hey Mama…. tell us a bit about yourself…

“Sooooo…I’m Lois and I am 28 years old, I now live in bonnie Scotland (Dunfermline)…. although it is not as bonnie as Cornwall! I miss the sunshine! Ha!

I moved here nearly 2 years ago with my partner Gav…. We met whilst working in France (7years ago), Gav then moved to Cornwall whilst I was at Uni and then we decided to move up to Scotland as he is from Dunfermline. 

And now I am a mummy to my gorgeous baby girl Livia who is nearly 5 months… Livia was 8days late and had me in labour for 2days; I got to 9cm to then be told she was back to back, which resulted in an emergency C-Section and Ta-dah!!”


Oh Lois she’s all shiny and new in this one!! Sooo cute!!!

Before I get too excited. .. tell us what defines happiness for you…

“1. Waking up to beautiful smiles.

2. Sunny walks with my lovely little family.

3. Drinking Tea but it has to be with a slice of cake or a biscuit (who am I kidding a pack of biscuits!)

4. Realising how much your friends and family mean to you when you move away from home…Makes me love them even more! (I do miss them all lots!)

5.Taking the leap to work in France…. otherwise I would have never met Gav and wouldn’t have experienced so many great things and I wouldn’t have the beautiful family I have now.”

Lovely top 5 Lois… Hooray for number 3 too!!!

Back to birthing bits… because I’m nosey. .. How do you feel about having had to have had a Caesarean?

I didn’t mind that I had to have a C section, to be honest after being in pain for so long and getting to 9centimetres to then be told not to push as she is back to back it was a relief!…. We can either see how it goes in an hour it get you to theatre for an emergency C section… Hmmm let’s see… GET THIS BABY OUT!! Haha!

I don’t feel any different from having a section, I feel that I have the same bond that I would have if she was born naturally, and to be honest I’m relieved that my lady bits are still intact after having a baby out of the sun roof! Haha!”

It’s great you feel that way Lois. Both my babes were born by section and I’d be lying if I said there aren’t a few demons lurking around over it… I think it’s just that human instinct of desperately wanting what you can’t have!!

How was the recovery process for you?

“My cut healed really well, and I wasn’t too sore! I rested as much as I could but I was up and out after a week showing my baby off in the office to my work pals!

Everyone’s healing process is different and maybe I should have taken advantage of laying about and resting, but I didn’t want to, I wanted to do everything for my baby, I did enjoy being chauffeured about for six weeks though! :)”

Oh that’s great! I was the same to be honest. …Just better to get cracking… and actually I think it does help all your tummy muscles to recover better the sooner you get up an about… as owchy as it is!

Any advice for future mamas in terms of having a C-Section?

“I really didn’t think I would end up having a C section as I thought well Ive done my birthing plan… I want a water birth and that’s that…. But oh no….. It didn’t go like that for me. Don’t feel ashamed of yourself for not having a natural birth, don’t beat yourself up about it, as you will still have the same bond with your baby, and you will love them so much that who cares how they arrived into the world, they are fit and healthy and most importantly they are yours and you will love them no matter what.

It may be harder to get your body back to what it was pre baby but who cares about scars and stretch marks??! They’ve got a story to tell!”

Haha… you’re so right! Love a ‘Tiger Stripe’ and a smiley face torso!! I agree with you… I also advise MASSIVE pants…. like literally up to your nips massive. You don’t want anything waistband like that can potentially dig in the old war wound!

If you could travel back in time and give your pregnant self a pearly gem of wisdom… what would you say?

“It would definitely be…. eat more CAKE! haha!!

And enjoy the whole experience!…. I really miss my bump! And I actually have bump envy…every time I see a pregnant lady with a beautiful bump makes me jealous!”

Hear hear!!! With you on that one mama!! Before I had babies I never got why people you didn’t especially know -felt it appropriate to touch your pregnant belly… but I’ve realised it’s probable that I too will become an ‘unashamed-weirdo-bump-fondler’ in the years to come… I can sense it now!!! I miss my bump too and the whole process of making a baby is just so magical!

Has little Livia given you any surprises?

“I didn’t realise that you don’t get an instruction manual when you have a baby haha!

I have 7 Nephews (Nearly 8!!) and 2 Nieces, I was an Auntie at 12 years old so I had a good idea of what to expect with a baby, but normally you get to hand them back when they are crying or they’re hungry! But you cannot really prepare yourself fully until you are left on your own to look after a tiny little human being!….

And explosive poops really do happen!…up the back, down the legs…. I thought my sister and mummy friends were just exaggerating!”

Haha… you’re so right!

What does ‘Parenthood’ feel like to you in one word?

“Parenthood in one word…. Awesome!!!!…. You don’t realise how you could love someone as much as you love your baby! And I will never run out of kisses and cuddles for her!”

What do you love most about your gorgeous girl? (almost impossible to choose I know!!)

“At the moment Livia has started rolling over and she is so chuffed with herself every time she does it, her little smiley face just melts my heart and her gorgeous girly giggle and high pitched squeals…she is such a girl!”

And…last but not least Lois… what we’re all dying to know… What’s your Mum No 1?

“My essential baby item…. there’s probably loads! But one I would say is…


…the Gro egg… to tell the temperature of the baby’s room!

At first I was obsessed with it…OMG its red its too hot in here! Strip her off!! OMG its blue its too cold… Where’s the blankets!! But to be honest after a while you just look at it for reassurance as you may feel that the room is too cool but it is more than likely the perfecto temperature for a little baby!.. so you know not to put another blanket on!”

Haha the things we obsess about in those early days eh?! We didn’t have a gro egg…we had a paper thermometer thing that stuck on the wall… but I would definitely have enjoyed having one of these to obsess over!!

It’s been so lovely to catch up Lois…thank you so much for being this week’s Mum No 1… Livia is an absolute beauty… she looks so much like you too!! I hope motherhood and Dunfermline continue to treat you well!!!

…P.s… your Dog is a cutie too… We can’t leave out our hairy babies now can we?!

“Aw thank you and yep I love Scruffy dog, although he is now second best he is still awesome hehe!”



If you have enjoyed reading today’s episode and you fancy getting involved drop me an email at: … would love to hear from you.

Big love… as ever.





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