Mum No 1…. episode I


My first ‘Mum No 1’ is an old school friend of mine…

She was the first vegetarian I ever had the pleasure of know knowing…. (despite her unsuccessful attempts at introducing me to Quorn… even in the style of her own Tikka Masala… this gal’s got skills!) She had the neatest of all the handwritings… ever… and was the friend your mum desperately wanted you to have. Thankfully for mine… I did and I spent many a weekend with her and her awesome family.

This week I have the pleasure of introducing you to Sarah and her beautiful 19 week old daughter. Sarah lives in Plymouth with her husband.


Tell us a bit about yourself Sarah…

“I work at a local farm shop which I love- the customers and staff are great! I found myself wondering about some of my old regulars the other day in fact… Bless ’em!

In the way of hobbies I absolutely love baking and cooking. Whilst pregnant (and before) I was swimming at least twice a week and at the end of my pregnancy every day almost but… I haven’t been with my daughter yet… Soon though. We have been doing the easiest hobby for mum and baby – walking! We must have gone around Saltram five times last week, sometimes just us and other times with mummy friends and with daddy.

My absolute most favourite thing about being a mum is watching the changes that occur in my baby every single day. The little things like learning to suck her hands, learning her reflection in a mirror or holding onto her toy for the first time.  Although I have to admit this is also my least favourite thing because it means my baby is growing up! “

Sarah you’re a fellow fan of the old boobies too right?

“Yes! I truly love being able to feed my baby. Giving life and then sustaining it purely on my milk is so gratifying. I honestly think it is one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my definition of ‘Happiness’… it ended up mostly being a list of food and shops… but it did give a scarily accurate picture of my personality. Sarah, what 5 things define happpiness for you?

“1- Hearing my husband turn the key in the door-home from work- and still getting butterflies every time.

2- My daughter giggling

3- Mum’s Sunday roast and family antics before and after.

4- Days sunny enough to put the washing out on the line in nothing but my underwear.

5- Long walks with my husband and daughter where we have to stop every few minutes for someone to tell us how
beautiful our little girl is!”

Haha… love no 4… luckily for my neighbours this is not an activity I partake in… but good on you gal… you clearly don’t have the ‘melted mr happy’ look that I’m currently sporting…

How was your sweet daughter’s arrival into this world?

“My daughter was born on Halloween last year. Given the scary date the birth wasn’t all that horrific but it was long (27 hours of active labour and 1.5 hrs pushing) and we still needed the dreaded episiotomy and ventouse. 24 hours after birth we came home and our new life began. It’s a very strange feeling being let home completely unaccompanied with a newborn. We got through the front door and my husband and I just looked at each other as if to say ‘What do we do now?'”

It’s such a bizarre experience when you get home with your baby isn’t it?!… All the build up to birth etc and then all of sudden there’s an actual baby in your house… and you’re responsible for this tiny being. .. FOREVER!!!  Books don’t share the ‘Home-coming-crap-yourself-moment’ with their readers either do they?!  Another unexpected treat…

If you could go back and give your pregnant self advice… what would you say?

“If I could go back to my pregnant state with any advice it would be this… Don’t worry, everything falls into place quite naturally and before you know it you are raising your child and doing it pretty well to boot!”

I know this is a hard one… you probably have a list as long as your arm… (it’s just occured to me how bizarre that saying is… ) but
what do you love most about your gorgeous girl?

“Morning smiles!! What is better than that first smile of the day when they haven’t even properly opened their eyes yet?! Nothing. They are the best and they completely wipe out any memory regarding sleepless nights etc etc… Actually giggles, her little chuckles she learnt to make at around 16 weeks are divine. My heart literally melts when I hear her giggles. But they don’t come easy. It takes lots of silly songs and faces from mummy!!”

Smiles are just the best. My little girl is sprouting her first gnashers at the moment… as beautiful as her new smile will be – I shall miss her gummy one. My son is perfecting the full range of smiles right now… the cheeky. .. the naughty. .. the cute… the shy…the innocent… for any situation there’s usually a smile… normally as a “hoping to get away with this” tactic. .. I’d like to say it doesn’t work… but I would of course be lying..

Describe what ‘parenthood’ means to you in one word…

” Love.
As a good friend once told me, love multiplies it never divides. And my love for my husband seeing him with our daughter has certainly multiplied.”

So true. I remember when my daughter was conceived… being terrified about how I could ever love anyone as much as I loved my son… a friend at work said something similar… and they’re so right. It’s unimaginable until it happens though. 

Describe or name something that becoming a mother has taught you…

“One thing I feel I’ve learnt since having a child is perspective. I’ve learnt what is really important in life and not to dwell on anything else. Such perspective breeds happiness and confidence too and I feel happier and more confident than ever before!!”

SO, SO true!!!

Finally lovely Sarah… the nitty gritty… what is your Mum No 1 essential item and why?

“My no 1 mum item apart from my bosom would have to be my milk saver cup:”


“An American friend of mine recommended them to me, I ordered mine from Amazon US. It is amazing. You put it in your bra whilst feeding but on the opposite side and it collects the ‘let down’. This milk I use to make baby rice or bottles or freeze as back up. And no painful pumping. It is awesome.”

Such a fab idea! Love it!

Actually… just one more question. .. I have always wondered something about you since we left school… are you still a vegetarian?!!

“Well remembered… but no not been veggie for just over 3 years now. One night I dreamt of steak and the next day I had to have one and haven’t looked back since! I honestly thought I would never eat meat ever again (15years a veggie!) but that’s the power of dreams I guess. Or my body telling me I needed it maybe?!”

Or maybe the power of steak?!!!

Haha… thanks so much for sharing the  view from where you stand and being Raising Them’s 1st Mum No1 Sarah! It’s been great to catch up.


If you’d like to be involved in RaisingThem’s Mum No 1 feature. .. drop me a line at for more info.

Big love… as ever.



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