So this week’s been a busy one…hence the gap in between blog posts… sorry about that.

Since the arrival of my new Nephew I have been using every available moment to try and frantically finish crocheting a baby blanket before we visited him for the first time…  I unfortunately find myself in the embarrassing position of admitting to you all that despite my best efforts… I didn’t finish it… but- you’ll be relieved to hear…I’ve got  a new- more manageable deadline (2 more weeks!) so I’ve found a spot o’ time to update the old blog…  all be it slowly due to the phalangical burns I have received as a result of crocheting at significantly high speeds…

This entry is brought to you by the letter H… more specifically the word ‘happiness’… as this is the emotion I have mostly been feeling this week.  I have had a most splendid few days, in fact it’s been so lovely that a few times I’ve experienced those slightly bizarre moments where you realise your mouth is smiling…(which instantly becomes an accidental grimace at the very moment of overthinking)… and you’re not entirely sure why.  Did someone say something funny…and this is the leftover residue of a smile slowly fading away? Have I been thinking my own thoughts that were simply so hilarious I made myself smile (for the record this happens.. A LOT.)  Am I going insane? Or am I finding the whole experience of life just too darn wonderful?  Honestly?… the last few days… it’s been the last one with a little of the first and a bit more of the second…currently the jury’s out on the third…

I do love a word…  I especially love learning a new word… or the origins of a word…in fact as a child my younger brother and I were so ridiculously cool… that we used to play the spectacularly riveting ‘Dictionary Game’ … I can sense you’re struggling to contain your excitement surrounding this little pearl of a game that I have shared with you… so I’ll explain the rules:

  • Player1 flicks through the dictionary…
  • Player 2 shouts “Stop!” at a moment of their own choosing…
  • Player1 chooses the hardest word on that page to test Player 2 on the spelling and/or meaning of said word.
  • If you get it right you win a point… if you don’t… you don’t.
  • Player 1 and 2 swap roles…

This game continues until one of you starts to cry with boredom or threatens suicide.

My child hood affiliation with the dictionary means that in moments of desperate boredom I often find myself drawn to the biggest book on my shelf …with the thinnest of all the pages I ever did see…for a few moments of light  entertainment. These days.. when I am struggling to fall asleep I can also access the joys of an online dictionary.  Sometimes… I look up hard words, or words with spellings you wouldn’t expect… Other times… I look up words that you use all the time but if someone asked you the meaning of them you’d struggle to explain without just using the same word … words like ‘example’ for example.  A development in recent years has been to look up words that are very subjective and tut at the dictionary for it’s poor explanation for words such as ‘perfect’… and indeed… ‘happiness’:

Climb aboard…



[mass noun]

  • The state of being happy:

She struggled to find happiness in her life

Not exactly the most helpful of definitions if you were new to the whole ‘words thing’…

Let’s have a ganders at ‘happy’…


adjective (happier, happiest)

  • Feeling or showing pleasure  or contentment:

Melissa came in looking happy and excited

I am afraid Mr. Dictionary that I am a little disappointed in your lacklustre attempt at an explanation.   I am starting to see some very unwelcome and stark resemblances between yourself and a Jeremy Kyle lie detector test… Where are the whens? The whys? The wherefores?  (‘Wherefore’… that’s a cracker of an under-used word…I challenge you to use it today in a sentence of your choosing…)

Personally I think the dictionary companies are missing a trick…I think there is definitely a gap in the market for a dictionary companion text.  Any subjective word like ‘art’ or ‘beautiful’ should have a little asterix alongside it; denoting that reference should be made to ‘The Voices of the People’: a gigantuan tombstone of a book… holding a selection of views -perhaps some contrasting -on the meanings of such words within it’s pages.

So… maybe this is where I’ll make my millions:

My first entry for  ‘The Voices of the People’…


A warm fuzzy feeling of pleasure or contentment triggered by the brain’s response to a range of stimuli. These stimuli and the subsequent reaction toward them are subject to change over time and may include:

  • All the C words… let me rephrase (you have to lower the tone don’t you… filth. )… All food items beginning with the letter ‘C’: Cake, Cheese, Chocolate, Crisps, Curry… even Cabbage.
  • Hot food with something cool… like chilli and sour cream, fajitas with guacamole and sour cream.. oh.. in fact maybe it’s just sour cream.
  • Drinking tea from a really beautiful cup.
  • Putting something warm on a cold body part. e.g: warm dog on cold feet, warm husband on cold feet… hot water bottles are also available.
  • John Lewis
  • Fresh Bedding… multiplied by infinity if you have a bath before you get in…
  • The sound of the sea
  • The smell of Christmas
  • Tan lines on your feet from your flip-flops
  • Holding hands
  • Washing your hands with Molton brown handsoap
  • Making/creating something new… like a cake or crochet
  • Betty’s Tea Rooms
  • Babies… everything about them… their smell, their warmth, their teeny tiny feet and their subsequent tiny shoes… their shooooeees!!!
  • Becoming something new… a friend, a wife, a mother, an auntie
  • Spending time with the people you love…
  • Dancing… alone and with others
  • Laughing… alone and with others
  • Having empty ‘dirty washing’ baskets…
  • Doing nice things for other people…
  • Watching your children learn, grow, build relationships with the people you love…
  • A refreshing nap… it’s been 2.5 years since I had one of these… but I remember the feeling well…
  • Listening to the rain on the window when you’re tucked up in bed…
  • Music… old and new…
  • Never feeling lonely
  • A scotch egg
  • Looking at old and new photographs…
  • Receiving unexpected and exciting mail…
  • Unicorns
  • Singing… in tune and out…

My definition gives an accurate yet embarrassingly frightening depiction of my personality. Ah well… might not be perfect … might be slightly squishy round the waistline…and a little eccentric… but at least I’m happy…clapping along because I feel like a room without a roof. (o,k  so the last part isn’t my own words…you’re being so critical today…)

Feel free to share and comment with your own definitions of happiness… I’ll be sure to forward them on for inclusion in ‘The Voices of the People’ book… you heard it here first peeps.

Big love as ever


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