Parenthood: 7 ‘Gems’ You Won’t Find in the Media…

Now, I’m sure; if you’ve been following my blog from the start- you’ll be more than aware of how passionate I am about being a mum.

I couldn’t heart anything more- I literally have never been more comfortable in my own skin since becoming a mother.

But the truth is- as is the case with most images that appear in the media (except the news… that’s always horrific these days) -becoming a parent isn’t as magical and joyous as a Johnson’s baby bedtime bath advert makes out… at least not 100% of the time anyway… but don’t get me started with percentages- I don’t want to astound you any further!

(New readers should totes check out ‘Being 2’ for some more outrageously rivetting percentages!)

I love social media, but it certainly has it’s flaws…sometimes (not always… I’ve seen some right crackers…) I’m not sure that people’s Facebook profile or Instagram account  give an accurate or honest depiction of what their lives really look like.

It turns out that I am shamefully no exception to this rule…

Perhaps if you only saw the crap pictures of me… the ones that were so hideously monstrous that no one had the heart to tag me in them… your decision about whether I fall into the category of ‘snog’ ‘marry’ or ‘avoid’ would sadly and very predictably lean toward the latter…

I think this is mostly true of the images we post of family life too.  We post the pictures where the kids look lovely, doing lovely things, surrounded by rays of loveliness…

…but just for a moment… it stops…

This ladies and gents is where in 7 images…I am going to share with you -my most esteemed reader- the truth about what parenthood can really look like…

1. Pregnancy does not always involve: a glow, sunshine, flowers, the sound of windchimes and whale music… sometimes…


It’s sweaty cankles… maternity leggings… and a scotch egg.

2. For every beautiful family selfie you post… there are 10 that look like this:


3. Parenthood doesn’t always just involve fun stuff… arts and crafts, baking, playing outside etc… sometimes:


It’s spending all night in a makeshift sickbay on the floor… a sickbowl within an arms reach… terrified whether you feel sick because:

a) You also have the bug


b) The smell of vomit has infused itself into your very being…

4. Going out as a couple can become very difficult… which can mean that photos of you both sharing New Years Eve… at a party… at midnight… surrounded by wild partygoers… are replaced by this:


NYE 2013… 10pm… The Sofa

5. Teaching and encouraging your children to learn new skills is not always trouble free… and is often both quite hilarious and photoworthy:


6. Vegetables are not as joyous as we are led to believe:


If you EVER feed your child a piece of broccolli… you will find broccolli EVERYWHERE for the forseeable future. Broccolli is the messiest of all the vegetables… ever.. fact.

7. You can’t be a perfect parent 100% of the time. Sometimes you need to get dressed because you have somewhere you all need to be. Sometimes your child does not appreciate this because they are in the depths of manic tiredness and in desperate need of a nap. Sometimes naptimes can’t be perfect… needs must. They don’t always take place in a moses basket…or a cot in a tidy, dimly lit room… below a beautiful twinkling mobile… Sometimes:


Naps take place in an unmade bed, with the hairdryer on because your baby loves the sound of white noise- and if you turn it off they’ll wake…and you need to finish getting ready. You have also cheated them with a top you’ve worn – so they can smell you… and a bracelet they enjoy fiddling with.

Some of you are judging me…labelling me a terrible mother…

…some of you are thinking: NINJA!!!

Whatever you’re thinking and whatever you choose to take from this post… I present you with the challenge to share something ‘real’ using your social media!! Tag me in it so I can see too… love a refreshing change and a giggle!

Are you game?

Big love… as ever.



4 thoughts on “Parenthood: 7 ‘Gems’ You Won’t Find in the Media…

  1. I ADORE the topic and the way you’ve gone about it the very honest photos. I was recently thinking about that very topic myself, how dishonest the media is in its representation of family life and how sadly shocking it is sometimes for us to make these discoveries. Great post!

    • Thank you so much Katia!! I hated to think I was party to some kind of false advertising! I’ve had a wonderful response to this post so far… including being tagged in some very ‘real’ social media photographs! Thank you for stopping by and for leaving such a great comment. ♥

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